The company "Dominique" works effectively in the market of pipe fittings since 2002. During the work of the Company's clients have become more 9,000 different organizations. We have many years experience in the supply of pipe fittings from our own warehouses and custom-made industrial enterprises in all industries.

Our task - is to maintain the leading position as a competitive and rapidly developing market participant pipeline valves!

The mission of "Dominique" is to meet the consumer demand of companies and organizations through the provision of quality services by qualified personnel.

A distinctive characteristic of activity is high quality service and a wide range of products available in our warehouses. 80% of our paid accounts products are shipped from the presence of!

The main activity of the Company is the sale of pipeline valves for general purposes. Particular attention is paid to the supply of safety valves, vodoukazatelnyh devices and control valves. In addition, historically, that we are the largest Russian supplier of quartz and borosilicate glass.
Efficiency, quality, individual approach are the main principles of the Company "Dominique", and the main task - meeting the needs of customers. We study the daily needs of our customers, we use a flexible pricing policy to offer our customers products with the most optimal in terms of price and quality.

Many of the fixtures we order directly to the factories in Russia and abroad. Certain types of products we supply from Germany and Scotland.

We are committed to long-term and mutually beneficial contacts with the consumers of our products, being built on the minimum delivery time and quality assurance. The proof of the success of the work in this direction is the number of our partners.

We hope that our website will be helpful to you, and the products represented on it, will find good use in your business, and we, in turn, guarantee the quality and reliability.

We are often approached with questions of how to get the products, what is the minimum amount you need to buy, can ship single glass which packaging, there comes a whole glass, and so on? (For example, see. Forum astronomers.)

If you wish, carry out the shipment by mail, car or train / railway (work with all transport companies), glass packed in a special film and wooden box. If you are from Ukraine, no problem, we have representatives in Kiev - our partners.

We can consult on technical matters, order reference books.